Saturday, October 25, 2014

Yes. Im a cheesy person sometimes. Take it or leave it. hahaha..

Salam.. actually I want to wish a happy birthday to a good friend of mine, Dr Hafizah Ainaa Bt Abu Hassan. since she started working she start lost her focus on "life thing",dont feel offend dear.. It just my opinion. and my opinion is not always right. Obviously work is important and I should not be thinking like that, plus im her best friend. I'm supposed to understand the situation. Maybe because I was a bit selfish. I will Admit that. I'm sure about that, since I was sick last year I like  attention from people that I adore and love so much. I want to wish her, but I dont like that when I do, she will answer just a little "haha" "ok thanks" "lebiu too" .. very damn cliche. hehehe. Ok lah. I just hope one day that she will read my blog, she will know that how im cherish her as my friend. 

Dear Ainaa,

Remember that I love you so damn much to the moon and back, thank you for always there for me when im really need it. You such a great person that makes you a great doctor. Im wishing you for ur best in the future. Hope ull married ur other half. IDK who is he. "hehehhehehe"  but i hope he will love you like I do dear, or maybe a lots more. Last and importantly may Allah bless ur way and dont miss ur pray ok dear. how busy we are.. Sembahyanglah anda ok.. Hope our friendship will never end till jannah.

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