Saturday, October 25, 2014

Yes. Im a cheesy person sometimes. Take it or leave it. hahaha..

Salam.. actually I want to wish a happy birthday to a good friend of mine, Dr Hafizah Ainaa Bt Abu Hassan. since she started working she start lost her focus on "life thing",dont feel offend dear.. It just my opinion. and my opinion is not always right. Obviously work is important and I should not be thinking like that, plus im her best friend. I'm supposed to understand the situation. Maybe because I was a bit selfish. I will Admit that. I'm sure about that, since I was sick last year I like  attention from people that I adore and love so much. I want to wish her, but I dont like that when I do, she will answer just a little "haha" "ok thanks" "lebiu too" .. very damn cliche. hehehe. Ok lah. I just hope one day that she will read my blog, she will know that how im cherish her as my friend. 

Dear Ainaa,

Remember that I love you so damn much to the moon and back, thank you for always there for me when im really need it. You such a great person that makes you a great doctor. Im wishing you for ur best in the future. Hope ull married ur other half. IDK who is he. "hehehhehehe"  but i hope he will love you like I do dear, or maybe a lots more. Last and importantly may Allah bless ur way and dont miss ur pray ok dear. how busy we are.. Sembahyanglah anda ok.. Hope our friendship will never end till jannah.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Sponge Cake By My Own

Curlass je tajuk kan. haha. tapi tu lah hari im craving for something more like cake but not too sweet yet sweet. haaa.. nonsense. Yah, i got nothing to do  after breaking my fast (iftar) by eating Nasi Ayam Mastan Ghani, Soto by Cik Sarimah ( my Bff's Mother) and 2 pieces of lemang ft Rendang Ayam. All can i think is , my stomach full with carbo+ extra fat.. MAIGADDD, yet with my condition right now i cant go to exercises and burn those most hated fat. Its good having those consciousness yet still craving for cake.. (im salivating right now).. Hahaha.. so for reduced my guiltiness Im doing 10 sit up.. then go straight to kitchen and make the cake.. so mixed up all the ingredient then i must wait about 40 minutes.. (sigh) Actually this is my first time baking a cake...sebab sebelum ni fikir.. its a girl stuff.. (huahauhaua im a girl).. so im really anticipated for the cake.. haha. let pray for the best for the cake.. First i dont want to let down my tongue for the taste, and if this will succeed al least i can brag to my family.. haha.. about 20 minutes to it fully bake.. let wait while exploring all the page..
Zharif Aiman. Aaaaa my nephew so cute.. this is not his hair actually..

Saturday, August 23, 2014


Poorly do my IG. haha. But feel free to follow and stalk. Because I do stalking too, using IG. nice and convenient.My advice just do moderately and avoid being visible. Hahaha.
 The Most Popular IG account.
  1. Justin Bieber - 19,936,904 followers
  2. Kim Kardashian - 17,748,961
  3. Beyoncé Knowles - 15,772,954
  4. Ariana Grande - 14,434,429
  5. Selena Gomez - 13,140,039
  6. Kendall Jenner - 12,675,537
  7. Khloe Kardashian - 12,109,115
  8. Miley Cyrus - 11,748,975
  9. Kylie Jenner - 11,298,812
  10. Neymar - 10,785,930
Honestly say lah, aku tak penah plak  visit their IG. Not even one of them, and aku still tak faham why si Bieber ni so damn popular? Orang sekarang dah makin kurang taste lah in characater. WAKE UP lah guys. huuhuhu.. But maybe korang ade reason why this adik-adik semua fucking love this guys. I just cant find mine. Sorry not sorry.

::.Someone Knocking.::

Someone knockin in my life recently. Yet i dont know how to respond to it. Arggh.. i Hate when this happen. because it will makes my life circling around and around..playing with a heart things. Im certainly not a master in i googled up about How to Know If A Guy Likes You.
so, the result from it is.

so i got 6 out of 21..hmm..big sigh for me..but this is just an maybe i cant rely 100% on it..hahaa.. the things is..he is sooo good looking boy..but im just an unbelievable extraordinary looking girls..**yet im very charming inside** xP.. what makes me losing a faith in this because mostly things is delivered by his friends.. not him..he just standing next his friend like he dont hear a thing. i cant read his face..because im too blind..haha..his face so shining2 when i see his i become dazzled ..( sorry for inconvenient writing) hahaha..

scared to be praised

peace upon on us.

What do u feel after being praised? i bet u feel good right. Hahaha. Me too. Im  a human too. This is the second time he praising me with an innocent smiling face. Even we are not looking at each other. (im too shy to look  at him) so, i assume he look at me. Just assumption ok. Maybe. Hahaha. He praised me. Godddd! How should i react my mr.lee dong wook do stare n praising me. Daaaa.. Am i in my dream. Haha. Yes of course u r not dear. How do i look in front of him. Did i really like he said. Hahahaha. I just dont want to perasan sorang2. I dont like this feeling.mostly i feel scared rather than enjoying it. Mybe i think to much kn. Hahaha. I shouldnt think to much! Im must enjoy while i can. N mybe we wont go further. But at least i enjoying it. Hahahahahaha. Yeaaah! Gonna be aggresive. Deeeerrr! Still im shy! 

Googling The Quote.

As'salam. setelah sekian lama, finally found the appropriate day.Hahaha. since my accident approximately nine months before I was back in without doing anything. Im having to the days that are difficult,sad and pain but luckily my family and my friends is always with me and I hope they're always do . Im going through the day without suffering from depression. I learned a lot and Im hope to keep on learning. Sebenarnye tak tau nak tulis ape. Merepek jelah. so dalam mengisi masa2 lapang yang sangat lapang tu aku jmpe my new hobby.. edit my own pic with Life,Love,Betrayal Quotes.Which is, I dont own those Quotes.hahaha. Why im using my own Picture.. its because im longing myself to express my feeling. After the accident I cant express my own feelings. All I know is to get cure and walk freely again. But recently Im longing for those moment again, and harap aku dapat rasa nikmat itu semula. Amin.

P/s:  I Miss Laut So Much

Monday, April 23, 2012

Si Kacak itu adalah Pengemis.. Brother Sharp Handsome Beggar.

this is such a great story ever.. sapa kata once we a beggar our life will ruined.. Not its not at all.. sekarang ni tengah heboh kesah Handsome Beggar kat China. nak jadik cerita lah. adalah sorang photographer yng nak test power kamera die. then,test2 lah snap2 gitew.. n die test power lah tngkap gmbar passerby.. then die tersnap pic Brother Sharp ni. n die pos n dlm less than 24 hour.. he became famous n jolokan nme die Brother Sharp. hehhe.. life is great right.. sapa sangka. n ape yang lagi best nye. Si Beggar ni dah lame lost contact dgn family die,dan disebabkan gmba ni top2 meletup2,family die dapat track die, n die ade 2 orang anak, wife dah takde,eksiden. what a tragic story. sbb kan si Beggar ni popular, adalah stesen TV buat interview pasal die, but dgar cite its a completely unsuccessful. Sbb dia ada masalah Mental.. Tekanan la tu kot.. but at least.. he met his family again.

gambar yag di edit..oleh peminat die kot.. hehehe.. Buat fan club le yop..